Sunday, March 14, 2010

Never drill near your FUSE BOX

Wow...well today was F-U-N. The husband and I thought we should accomplish a few things around the house today, and we did. I framed a few pictures, dusted, burnt myself at the tanning salon, he got a hair cut, and we drilled through our main electrical wire leading to our fuse box. whoo-hooo. Certainly not our most brilliant of days, that's for sure! Here's what happened...

We don't have a pantry, and I wanted (and needed) a pantry. We are lucky because the wall the washing machine was on in our kitchen "closet" shares the garage wall. Should be easy, right? Move the washer and dryer into the garage~ have a pantry! Longer hoses for the washer? Check! Longer drain tube? Check! Onto the dryer... Our thinking was to put the dryer out into the garage and drill a hole through the walls to run the electrical outlet. Not smart...especially when the spot your drilling is right below the fuse box. Yikes. Husband yells, power goes off...smells a bit burnt... SCARY...

We freaked out for a few minutes, but then regained our senses when *I* realized *I* have connections. My brokers son is an electrician! Yay! He came within 30 minutes, fixed the severed electrical cord, AND moved the outlet into the garage for us. He didn't charge us a dime and didn't laugh at us OR lecture us. I've found an awesome electrician to add to my arsenal of "peeps"! Thank you Wesley Lamb of Lamb's Electrical. I'll recommend you every chance I get!

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