Sunday, March 14, 2010

Never drill near your FUSE BOX

Wow...well today was F-U-N. The husband and I thought we should accomplish a few things around the house today, and we did. I framed a few pictures, dusted, burnt myself at the tanning salon, he got a hair cut, and we drilled through our main electrical wire leading to our fuse box. whoo-hooo. Certainly not our most brilliant of days, that's for sure! Here's what happened...

We don't have a pantry, and I wanted (and needed) a pantry. We are lucky because the wall the washing machine was on in our kitchen "closet" shares the garage wall. Should be easy, right? Move the washer and dryer into the garage~ have a pantry! Longer hoses for the washer? Check! Longer drain tube? Check! Onto the dryer... Our thinking was to put the dryer out into the garage and drill a hole through the walls to run the electrical outlet. Not smart...especially when the spot your drilling is right below the fuse box. Yikes. Husband yells, power goes off...smells a bit burnt... SCARY...

We freaked out for a few minutes, but then regained our senses when *I* realized *I* have connections. My brokers son is an electrician! Yay! He came within 30 minutes, fixed the severed electrical cord, AND moved the outlet into the garage for us. He didn't charge us a dime and didn't laugh at us OR lecture us. I've found an awesome electrician to add to my arsenal of "peeps"! Thank you Wesley Lamb of Lamb's Electrical. I'll recommend you every chance I get!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Oldest Child Syndrome

I've been thinking a lot about Alex lately. His personality is so much like mine and I want so badly for him to be different...I want him to be more free spirited and maybe not so uptight... but not too wild. I want for him to listen and obey, but stand up for up himself and realize he is his own person. I am shocked at how much he is like me...and confronted with the realization that the personality traits I would change in him are there because of me.

He is this uptight, little bundle of stress because I am an uptight bundle of stress. I expect perfection from him while I let Lauren get away with everything. She literally sucks every last ounce of sweetness I possibly have right out of me. He usually does listen to what I say and makes sure the others are somewhat in line, but the instant he messes up, I jump all over him. The second he tries to look at a book and Lauren cries because she wants to see it, I tell him "just give her the book!"

All I want is for each of my kids to be happy and healthy and to feel great about themselves. I want to be responsible for the best in them and definitely not the worst. Alex is such a perfect little boy with a fantastic heart and it makes me so sad to think that I have not nurtured him as I should. I was 100% "Alex's Mommy" 7 years ago, and now I feel 100% "Mom to 3 kids". I am responsible for his "Oldest Child Syndrome" and I would like to take this opportunity to pledge to back off.

I am NOT going to expect my 7 year old to be perfect. I will not expect that he share unconditionally with his brother and sister. I will carve out "Mommy & Alex time" while he still wants it. I will make sure he knows that HE is special and perfect just as he is. That was my goal when I became a mom and I'm not sure when or how I got derailed, but its not acceptable.

I love you Alex. xoxoxo