Tuesday, January 26, 2010

In case you were curious...

I came home once again at 8 tonight and found.....3 sleeping kids, a nice clean kitchen, and a husband that gets to live another day ....

Monday, January 25, 2010

apparently not

HAHA....my last post..."am I cut out to blog" has been answered by 9 months of silence. No, I have not been hiding out pregnant or anything. SOOOO done with that. I guess I set myself up for failure by questioning whether I could actually keep a blog. Do I really have anything THAT interesting going on in my life that I need to blog about it? Well yes dammit I do.

#1 noteworthy topic of the day: the husband and I got into "it" because the kiddos are up @ 8pm...all three of them.... jamming out to him playing the guitar. I am very much a strict 7:30 bed time kinda girl. I cannot deal with my sweet, precious cherubs for another minute. Bad things happen. And coming home at 8pm to find chaos and loudness when it should have been peaceful and dark...led to bad things. The husband and I are not currently talking. I have done the dishes. I have brushed all the teeth. I have tucked all 3 into bed. I have dealt with the dogs. I am not talking to the husband.